Professional Automotive Repair Workshop in Midrand

Our top qualified Bosch technicians that have been trained to ensure that your automotive problem is handled on a professional manner to get you on your way in the shortest possible time.

Temba Auto Clinic - Ana & Mondi at Reception

We adhere to strict quality standards set by Bosch to ensure quality service at all times.

Servicing your Aircon system.

Moisture is the number one problem in an aircon system and should be removed at least every second year to prevent expensive aircon repairs.



This can only be done using up to date, high tech equipment.

Don’t let somebody, coming along with a gas bottle, fill up your aircon system.

Overfilling will damage your compressor!

As a customer driven organisation Temba Auto Clinic always make it a point that we position ourselves where our customers can easily reach us.

Our workshop is conveniently located in Old Pretoria Road adjacent to Halfway House Shopping Mall.

Temba Auto Clinic specializes in maintenance, repairs and diagnostic work for private and commercial customers.


Temba Auto Clinic - Regas and Diagnostics

We will also ensure that you are also kept cool as we also specialise in maintaining your vehicles aircon.

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If any work on the cooling system has been done, the driver is to observe heat gauge, water levels and report any fault immediately.
The replacement of the cylinder head gasket does not guarantee that the bottom part of the engine will operate satisfactorily, especially if the car has overheated.
No guarantee on brake pads will be given if the discs have not been machined or replaced after being reported below specification by the workshop.
There may be several oil leaks on a car and they are difficult to identify at once. Repairing a specific oil leak does not guarantee that all oil leaks on the car have been identified and repaired. The guarantee is only issued for a specific oil leak repaired.

Customer shuttle

Just take your car to our workshop. After you have booked your car into the workshop, our driver will take you to your place of work or to your home. (With in a 15km radius). When the service or the repairs are completed you can arrange to be collected and we will take you back to our workshop.

Retail Motor Industry Organisation

As a member of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation we pledge to:

  • Provide our quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price
  • Honor both the letter and spirit of any guarantee accompanying the sale of these products and services.

Consumer complaints

In the event of a complaint or dispute between ourselves and a customer that cannot be settled at management level, our customers will be able to take the matter to the appropriate Complaints Committee of the RMI. 

The RMI has a more than 90% success rate in resolving consumer complaints against member establishments